Indigenous Women's Project


The project hopes to spread the message "Fresh air grows solid babies" and encourage Aboriginal women and their families to protect the foetus and newborn from exposure to tobacco smoke, thereby reducing their risk of developing asthma.

Organisation or Department

Asthma Foundation of WA/Health Services


Western Australia

Project Timeframe

Currently the project's funding ends Dec 2009, however the Asthma Foundation is trying to secure funding to expand the project for another two years.

Project Activities

The project delivers Brief Intervention Training in Smoking Cessation to AHW's, midwives and child health nurses and anyone that comes into contact with Aboriginal pregnant women. The project disseminates Indigenous pregnancy resources, throughout the state of WA. The project also has community and training grants available, for further information on these grants please see our website or phone the project officer.

Partner Organisations

Funded by the Department of Health, Government of Western Australia

What in particular helped the project?

The support of other organisations has enabled the project to be very successful.

Project Resources and Publications

We have a number of free resources available, please visit our website to order them.

Contact Details

Amy Murphy
Health Promotion Officer

Asthma Foundation of WA, Health Services
PO Box 864 West Perth, WA 6872

Ph: 08 9289 3600


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