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Raise awareness of tobacco smoking and the impact it has on their health, namely Aboriginal people especially for chronic disease

Organisation or Department

National Heart Foundation WA


Western Australia

Project Timeframe


Project Activities

We have presenters from COAG workers come every 3 months to do a presentation about smoking and kicking thre habit. Smoking is always disucssed as an important risk factor to Quit smoking when you have any sickness.

Partner Organisations

There are many partners involved, Royal Perth hospital, Diabetes WA, Quitline, Austrlian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association, Souht Metro Population Health and many other guest speakers who represnt both government and non-government organisations.

The Project Officer is working in collaboration with the Australian Council of Smoking and Health, the Cancer Council, Asthma Foundation, Quitline and the COAG smoking cessation workers.

What in particular helped the project?

  • The coming together of health professionals both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal to give support to the design, formatting and implementation of the final .
  • The ongoing support of the people and the organisations they represent to help involve Aboriginal people in their community.
  • The success of the projectis having passionate, dedicated and committed people working within to make a difference in Aboriginal peoples lives. Also not being judgemental to those who are smokers and fin it hard to quit.
  • All community members are treated as equal
  • Listening to the needs of the community and incorporating their ideas inot the program

What in particular didn't work so well?

Timing became an issue when there was not enough time for consultation with people and organisations in the rural and remote areas of WA, although we tried to factor their needs into the development of the resource materials.

Power-Point presentaitons were eliminated and diccussion followed

Summary of Findings and Recommendations

A copy of th evaluation for the MHMFOC resources is attached.  As far as smoking being a part of the Heart Health program at DYHS we have had people successfully quitting with the support they have been offered.

Project Evaluation

Evaluation will be carried out to meet the criteria for the funders. We also want to see what the outcome is from the community people to see if there has been a change in their risk factors and why or why not they had changed their life style.

We have been working with members from Curtin University to assist with evaluating the Heart Health program where the MHMFOC resources are used and this is in relation to people who have had a cardiac even, not smoking.

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Project Resources and Publications

My Heart My Family Our Culture Health Consumer and Health Professional Resource - not available electronically

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Contact Details

Lyn Dimer
Coordinator - Aboriginal Health

My Heart My Family Our Culture
Heart Foundation WA
334 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008
Ph: (08) 9382 5924


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