Give Up The Smokes


To provide intensive support to Indigenous smokers to quit smoking and raise their knowledge about the harms of smoking. The project was developed from a successful mainstram program developed by Dr James Duff called Quit for CATS (Chronically Addicted Tobacco Smokers). It is evidence-based and uses best practice.

Organisation or Department

Mid North Coast Division of General Practice, Galambila AHS and UNSW Rural Clinical School


New South Wales

Project Timeframe

Started in 2006 and is ongoing

The initial development was funded by the Cancer Institute NSW. Other funding sources include Aboriginal health promotion funding from North Coast Area Health Service, RACGP Indigenous Health Award and Toowoomba Infront Outback Research Award.

Project Activities

9 hour program run over 3 weeks.

A training package is currently under development to train Aboriginal Medical Services to run programs. The project was developed in collaboration with Aboriginal Health Workers to ensure its cultural appropriateness.

Participants are evaluated at registration, end of course and 1, 3 and 6 months after the course. CO readings are taken to validate smoking cessation.

There is a research project attached to the project which will collect data from the multiple sites that are running the program in order to measure its effectiveness and contribute to the evidence base around Indigenous smoking cessation. Training will adhere to National Competency standards for smoking cessation.

To date (November 2009) 6 programs have been run and one training session. Further training programs are planned for AMSs in Grafton, Bowraville, Nambucca and Kempsey.

What in particular helped the project?

We provided food, transport and a culturally appropriate venue where people were comfortable and able to speak freely. Participants were rewarded with Indigenous designed GUTS t-shirts. The team of GPs, Health Workers, Nurses and Vascular Health Workers worked collaboratively with support from the AMS as a whole.

Summary of Findings and Recommendations

Project Evaluation

Ongoing evaluation including client feedback and follow up plus monitoring client stages of quitting and the number of successful quitting attempts.

Project Resources and Publications

All resources will be available do participants of the training sessions. After training AMSs will be licenced to use the program. The resourses developed for the program include:

  • PowerPoint presentations of the sessions
  • a facilitators manual
  • participants booklet
  • artwork for activity cards was commissioned from a local artist, Allison Hart

Please see published paper at

Contact Details

Project Manager

Dr Gillian Gould
Senior Research Fellow

Rural Clinical School, NSW
Locked Bag 812
Coffs Harbour 2450

Ph: 02 6652 0453
Fax: 02 6652 0400


Pauline Stewart
Vascular Health Worker

Give up the Smokes
Galambila AHSI
PO Box 1431, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Ph: 02 6652 0800


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