Passive Smoking

What is passive smoking?

It is the point at which you take in smoke breathed out by smokers or from the smoke of smoldering cigarettes. This smoke is known as second-hand smoke or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS).

Is it accurate to say that it is hurtful?

Albeit passive smoking is not as hurtful as smoking, it is still destructive and has been demonstrated to cause:

• cancer of the lung, throat and voice box

breast malignancy

• heart sickness and heart assault

• stroke

• narrowing of the veins bringing on poor circulation in your hands, legs and feet

• diseases of the aviation routes

Efforts to help curb smoking especially among the native population have been on the increase, and the Australian government alongside other institutions has continued to devise effective strategies to reduce the numbers of smokers. It is without doubt that if different organisations put their minds together at addressing tobacco, results will be commendable.

Educating the society on the effects of smoking and funding projects that help reduce smokers will significantly reduce numbers.

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