Smoking And Health

Tobacco is without doubt the only consumer product that kills when used according to the manufacturer’s intentions.

It is known fact that smoking is harmful to health. Smoking causes different types of cancers, stroke and heart disease, and it is responsible for over 5 million deaths each year world over.

Australia is one country that has been on the forefront of controlling tobacco, having devised numerous strategies meant to mitigate the number of people who start smoking as well as increase the number of those who quit. One successful strategy is the recent law that prohibits the labeling of cigarette packs. This is move is meant to reduce the number of new smokers who are mostly young and are enticed by fancy labeling on cigarette packs—something viewed as “cool.”

Torres and Aboriginal Strait Islanders however continue to smoke at a rate more than twice that of general Australian average. This means that most people in communities are either smokers or live with a person who smokes. For this reason, it is important to continue reiterating and reinforcing the message that smoking is harmful to health, and that most smokers will more than likely suffer from some chronic diseases which will lead to early death.

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