Talkin' up Good Air Health Worker Resource Kit



This tobacco control resource kit for Indigenous Australian communities aims: 

  • To assist health professionals, along with community and education workers, to become community leaders in the area of tobacco control.
  • To raise the priority of tobacco control in Indigenous communities.
  • To build community ownership in tobacco control by supporting community-initiated and controlled action.



A practical manual, which encourages community action, the kit is full of information for health professionals, but particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, to further develop their tobacco control knowledge.

The kit draws on the knowledge of many individuals and organisations working in the area of tobacco control, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, community health and health promotion. It is a tool box of helpful information, ideas, activities, success stories, and reference materials.

CEITC can provide hardcopies of this resource free of charge to Health Professionals working with Aboriginal clients. You may request a copy by sending an email to .

TUGA Training 
CEITC are now offering training using the kit. If you wish to have a training session in your health service please email us at or call us on 03 8344 0870 to discuss.

The kit may also be downloaded by clicking on the links below

Introduction and contents (2.6Mb)

Section I: Smoking Matters (1.6Mb)

Section II: Community Development (3.3Mb)

Section III: Helping People Quit the Smokes 9 (3.65Mb)

Section IV: Research on Smoking (2.25Mb)

Section V: Planning and Running a Project (4.1Mb)

Section VI: Getting the Message Out (2.33Mb)

Section VII: Resources and References (2.6Mb)

Handouts (2.15Mb)

Sample consent form