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Thank you to Full Frame Productions for their behind the scenes support in making our classes and seminars come together as well as our website with the use of your video production knowledge. Full Frame Productions have been a great help to us having provided their corporate videos as well as some of their staff to come in and help us. Video is growing to be one of the most popular ways to communicate ideas and information to other people, and we’ve found it an extremely popular tool for us at CEITC. You can contact Full Frame Productions via their website┬áby clicking on their corporate videos. Here is some information from full frame for those who are looking to engage a production company.

How to choose a production company

When you do not choose the right video production company, even the best laid plans can go awry. Selecting the wrong video production company can quickly submarine a business’ chances of success, while choosing the right one can make the difference between repeat viewing and continued obscurity. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that you need to consider when it comes time to choose a production company.

A Definitive Plan of Action

A production company should be able to provide a prospective client with a definite plan of action and have the ability to diagram their plan from start to finish. Quality production companies do not make videos with the objective of capitalizing on current trends, the videos are designed to be timeless and eminently re-playable. A production company that asks questions about your company’s goals and objectives is a company that you will want to choose when it comes to all of your video related needs.

Fair Rates

When you choose a production company for your videos, it is important for companies to base their decision on the rate that is provided. However, there are some businesses that place too large of an emphasis on the price point, at the expense of their video’s quality. Seeking out the cheapest video production company possible is unwise, as you should be choosing a company based on the services that they can provide, not the company that offers the lowest price. Sacrificing quality in the name of getting the best deal is not how smart businesses conduct themselves.


Watch out for video production companies that promise you the moon during an initial consultation. The more a company promises, the more skeptical you should become. Instead of allowing yourself to be swayed by flashy promises, find out what kind of assurances the video production company can make regarding the end product. Will they be able to deliver a final version on time? Are they able to handle all of your needs and remain in close contact throughout the production process? Beware of companies that will say anything to get your signature and do not provide any sort of accountability.

No Assistance Needed

While you will want to choose a company that remains in close contact with you during the process, the last thing you want to do is select a company that needs to be micromanaged and have their hand held every step of the way. An experienced video production company can take in your suggestions and feedback, apply them going forward and provide a quality product, without an excessive amount of assistance. Your time is too valuable to be spending it with a company that cannot work on their own.

Cutting Edge Knowledge

The world of video production is constantly changing and you will need a company that is fully up to date and on the cutting edge. Video standards are always in a state of flux, so you’ll want to choose a company that can provide strategies that remain in step with the times. Videos now need to be optimized for a variety of different browsing platforms. Be sure to ask the companies that you are considering what their plans are regarding these recent changes and what they will do to ensure that your videos are visible to all viewers.

Don’t Base Your Decision on Connections

Hiring friends and/or family to handle a task of this magnitude may seem like the smart move, but in most instances, you will be choosing someone who does not handle video production on a full time basis. The convenience factor of hiring someone close to you goes out the window quickly when you are forced to critique their work in a manner that is displeasing. For this reason (and many more), it is best to choose a company that you do not have any sort of personal connection with. If a friend or loved one’s work is not up to par, you may lose the relationship and be forced to spend more for your project.

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