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One of CEITC's priorities is to bring together Indigenous tobacco control researchers, policy makers and health workers to provide them with opportunities to share ideas and knowledge. These meetings have been held annually in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and have attracted an increasing number of participants. At these meetings participants have mapped current research knowledge, established where the critical gaps are and then formulated a research plan to fill these gaps.

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Marrining Moorup
(Improve Life)

Oceania Tobacco Control Conference 2011
Indigenous Preconference Workshop
17 October, 2011

CEITC held a one day Indigenous Preconference workshop at the Oceania Tobacco Control Conference 2011 'Burying the Habit: Moving to a tobacco free future'. The workshop, was held on Monday 17 October and was attended by around 160 participants from across the country.

Indigenous Preconference Workshops at the past four Oceania and Australian Tobacco Control Conferences have been useful forums for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working in this area to network, share ideas and learn.

Past workshops have focused mainly on 'barriers' or 'what is needed', but with the significant increase in funding and workforce in Indigenous tobacco control, it was therefore timely that at this workshop the focus was on 'moving towards a tobacco free future'.

The workshop featured a combination of presentations and discussion sessions where the focus was on showcasing best practice projects and providing a growing workforce the opportunity to come together and exchange ideas and innovations. The workshop has been written up into a report called Marrining Moorup (Improve Life) which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

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CEITC have also prepared a fact sheet which outlines issues identified at the 'Priorities for action' workshop held on 19 October 2011, as part of the Oceania Tobacco Control Conference in Brisbane.

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Previous Meetings

Oceania Tobacco Control Conference, 2009
Indigenous Preconference Workshop

CEITC together with the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families and the Maori Smoke-free Coalition convened a one day Indigenous workshop on 6 October prior to the Oceania Tobacco Control Conference 2009 - Reducing inequalities through tobacco control. This workshop, attended by 90 participants from around Australia and New Zealand, provided the setting for some in depth discussions on sharing best practice ideas on smoking cessation and workforce development and sustainability. These discussions have been written up into a report called Learning from Each Other: Oceania Tobacco Control 09 Indigenous Pre-Conference Workshop Report.

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Researchers Roundtable, 2008

On 23 May 2008, CEITC and the Co-operative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (CRCAH) held an Indigenous Tobacco Control Roundtable in Brisbane. This event brought together almost 70 health workers, researchers, state and federal government and non-government representatives to prioritise and discuss a research agenda aimed at tackling the high smoking rates experienced in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The morning began with a welcome to Turrbal country provided by Uncle Hughie Kirk who acknowledged the original owners of the land on which we were meeting and told us briefly of his families experience of the Cherbourg Mission. He finished by displaying his talent playing the gum leaf. Thanks Uncle Hughie for your warm welcome and your good humour.

Presentations followed by Viki Briggs (CEITC), Mick Gooda (CRCAH), David Thomas (Menzies Health Research Centre) and Anke Van Der Sterren (CEITC) which set the scene for the workshops that followed. Kerry Howard from the Department of Health and Ageing also informed the meeting about the Commonwealth Governments commitment to Indigenous Tobacco Control with $14.5 million of funding. She explained that the initial aim of this funding is to establish some evidence around what programs and strategies will have an impact on smoking rates.

Following the presentations the participants were divided up into 6 groups, and over the 2 workshop sessions, identified research priorities and then selected one priority to look at in more detail. The groups looked at a number of different areas including cessation, prevention and workforce capacity.

Summary Report (PDF 1.6Mb)
Full Report (PDF 4.3Mb)
Media Release (PDF)

Following the Roundtable, an Indigenous Tobacco Control Research Steering Group will be formed to progress the meeting’s recommendations. A network will also be formed to ensure that a dialogue which focuses on research continues.


Researchers Meeting, 2007

On 26 and 27 August 2007, CEITC held a two day meeting which brought together 32 leading Indigenous tobacco control researchers and workers from around Australia. This first meeting established a forum where researchers could identify gaps in the research knowledge and provided an opportunity to share current research.

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Oceania Tobacco Control Conference, 2011 Marrining Moorup (Improve Life) Indigenous Pre-conference workshop 

Oceania Tobacco Control Conference, 2009 
Indigenous Pre-conference workshop 


CEITC and CRCAH Indigenous Tobacco Control Researcher's Roundtable, Brisbane 23 May 2008

Roundtable organising committee and presenters

Uncle Hughie and Aunty Janette Kirk

Mick Gooda (CRCAH), Mick Adams (NACCHO) and Viki Briggs (CEITC)